Welcome traveler! My, I wonder what could possibly have brought you so deep into these woods as to find my soggy old cabin? A remote place like this doesn’t exactly attract visitors, you know. No matter! Step inside, why don’t you? Here, have a seat by the fireplace. Let me just put the kettle on and I’ll share with you some of the stories from my younger days as a glory-seeking adventurer. No, don’t fall asleep! This’ll be good, promise.

Within the humble pages of this website you’ll find heroic tales forged through countless tabletop role-playing game sessions, primarily Dungeons & Dragons. Painstakingly transcribed from my goldfish-like memory, these posts intend to serve as an archive of all my adventures. Or rather, all my adventures since the site was launched in October 2023 along with a few foggily remembered older tales of particular note, complete with excessive footnotes. Enjoy!

Latest posts

The Story of My Favorite Trap

 in Tales from the Table

Traps are a classic element of D&D. You walk down a dark dungeon hallway and hear a click as you step on a hidden pressure plate. You only have a moment to react. Will a poison arrow launch at you from a hole in the wall? Will a boulder drop from a hatch in the ceiling? In The World Rune I created something far worse.

Veil of Whispers 4: Attack of the 50 Foot Cow

 in Tales from the Table

The party’s procrastination problem continues as they reach Duskridge. A bovine of unusual size appears.

Veil of Whispers 3: Caves & Kobolds

 in Tales from the Table

The gang crawls their first dungeon. Montgomery feels the need for speed.

Chrismas in Hell

 in Tales from the Table

When our Dungeon Master suddenly had to leave the group I took it upon myself to create a worthy ending to his campaign. The result was… not what the group had expected.

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