Welcome traveler! My, I wonder what could possibly have brought you so deep into these woods as to find my soggy old cabin? A remote place like this doesn’t exactly attract visitors, you know. No matter! Step inside, why don’t you? Here, have a seat by the fireplace. Let me just put the kettle on and I’ll share with you some of the stories from my younger days as a glory-seeking adventurer. No, don’t fall asleep! This’ll be good, promise.

Within the humble pages of this website you’ll find heroic tales forged through countless tabletop role-playing game sessions, primarily Dungeons & Dragons. Painstakingly transcribed from my goldfish-like memory, these posts intend to serve as an archive of all my adventures. Or rather, all my adventures since the site was launched in October 2023 along with a few foggily remembered older tales of particular note, complete with excessive footnotes. Enjoy!

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The Astral Scroll 1: False Leads and New Companions 

in Tales from the TableThe Astral Scroll

Session zero: rules, character creation and a gentle start.

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