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Herein lie all the RPG-related things that aren’t stories from my games.

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Here you can follow my painting journey and feast your eyeballs upon the sloppily sprinkled strokes of paint that I’ve put down on some minis that probably deserve better. You don’t have to be good at things to enjoy them, after all.

All My Characters

The characters are at the heart of every story. Here are mine.

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Minis: Somebody

I suppose this is a very strange miniature to get excited about, but boy did it excite me.

Minis: Beholder

Another classic D&D monster that I couldn’t not paint.

Minis: Montgomery

Here’s the mini I painted of Montgomery from Veil of Whispers.

Minis: Red Dragon

Sooner or later we all have to paint a dragon. It’s a rite of passage of sorts.

Minis: Wizard

Someday, I’m gonna play this guy.

Minis: Chuck

Say hello to Chuck!

Minis: Ogre

I got a free ogre with my order when I bought some minis. Then I painted him.

Minis: Cthulhu

Finished with my practice goblins, I was ready to take on something new and awesome.

Minis: Goblins

The first miniatures I ever painted were a group of four goblins I bought to practice the basics.

Every Character I've Ever Played: Part 2

Welcome back! In part 1 I wrote about every character I’d played up to that point. Part 2 will be updated whenever I play a new character, which isn’t very often so don’t sit there refreshing the page every five minutes, okay? Okay? Let’s go!

All My Homebrew D&D Spells

Alright kids, buckle up ‘cause it’s time to talk about my wildly unbalanced custom-made D&D spells! Most of these aren’t going to be particularly useful; I’m mainly writing them down because each one has a story behind it and that’s what we’re here for. Isn’t that right? Thought so. Okay, let’s dig in.

Every Character I've Ever Played: Part 1

While I’m nearly always the Game Master, sometimes the rare opportunity to be a player presents itself. On such fleeting occasions I try to create characters that are at least somewhat noteworthy. Here they are, or at least what I remember of them, for archival purposes.