Minis: Somebody

Posted on May 3, 2024 in Role-Playing Games.
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I suppose this is a very strange miniature to get excited about, but boy did it excite me.

An outhouse.

Ever since I started my current D&D group back in 2019, Shrek’s outhouse door slam,1 or SODS, has been our go-to door-opening strategy, usually accompanied by the opening lyric of All Star. Even though most players have been replaced over the years, SODS remains. New members even discover it on their own. So when I found out that WizKids had made an outhouse miniature, I was ecstatic.

Still an outhouse.

Delighted with the wood texture on this one. Though of course, the sculptor did most of the work. It’s a dark basecoat with two layers of drybrushing. The green on the bottom is a subtle glaze. I guess subtlety isn’t particularly desirable when painting tiny miniatures.

It also has a functioning door. Let’s take a look inside!

Oh no, it’s a mimic!

Whoops! Better close it again before he eats you.

Still a mimic.
Somebody once told me the crapper's gonna eat me

On the bright side, any adventurer who runs across this guy won’t need to use the bathroom anymore!

  1. In case you’ve been living under an outhouse for the past two decades, here you go. ↩︎

Part of a series called Miniatures.

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