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An Incident at the Bathhouse

Once upon a time, a group of adventurers entered a public bathhouse for a friendly chat with one of the patrons. The events that followed weren’t quite what I had expected.

Every Character I've Ever Played: Part 1

While I’m nearly always the Game Master, sometimes the rare opportunity to be a player presents itself. On such fleeting occasions I try to create characters that are at least somewhat noteworthy. Here they are, or at least what I remember of them, for archival purposes.

The Ballad of Sir Garner

This is the story of Sir Steven Garner; A bizarre man who met an even more baffling end deep in the deserts of a faraway land. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This story begins with a player named Gustav. A childhood friend of mine and by far the one who’s played at my table the longest, he always takes detailed notes and rarely misses a session. A great player in every regard except one: