The Astral Scroll

In Tales from the Table.

The Astral Scroll was an adventure I created for D&D 5e where the characters raced to find a scroll of Wish. They all wanted it for their own reasons but in the end, only could claim it.

Here’s the pitch I prepared:

Kenelm Marlin is dead. So it goes. One of the greatest wizards of the current age, he lived a solitary life in his tower, of which only a select few know the precise location. With his passing, the tower lies vacant. It sits there, far out in the wastelands, waiting for someone to claim the riches within. Gold, glory, and magic await those brave enough to venture into the wilds in search of Marlin’s wealth. Most importantly, Marlin is said to have owned the only remaining Astral Scroll, capable of fulfilling all your deepest desires.

But you are not the only one in search of the scroll, and you will certainly not make it to the tower all on your own. You will need to form an unsteady alliance with a group of fellow adventurers and race against thieves, hoodlums, and anyone else foolish or brave enough to seek the tower’s fortune.

It takes place in a Wild West-inspired frontier where venturing into the unexplored wilds often proves fatal, and the cities are full of thieves who have fled their homelands to escape justice. Mysteries, ruins of ancient civilizations, cool set pieces, and a townful of mimics awaited the adventurers.

The Astral Scroll 1: False Leads and New Companions

Session zero: rules, character creation and a gentle start.

The Astral Scroll 2: Spiders & Sleuthing

Running all over town, looking for clues.

The Astral Scroll 3: Brewery Heist

Heists never go as planned.

The Astral Scroll 4: The Nice Part of the Journey

A city, strange mines, a desert, and a cliff.