About me

Born into aristocracy in a small European country, my childhood was one of incredible decadence or, at least, so I’m told. Because it didn’t last. Before I was old enough to form lasting memories I somehow got lost during my family’s yearly trip to the Serengeti. I spent my young years in the wilderness, taken in by a flock of impalas and raised as one of their own. It wasn’t until the age of eleven that a Tanzanian tour guide found my feral hide and dragged me back to civilization. I gained the nickname “Tame Impala” (I am currently pursuing a lawsuit against the musical artist of the same name, for unrelated reasons) and was sent to a research institute in Berlin to be studied and eventually reintegrated into society. The process took three years, at the end of which I spoke fluid German and was informed that my parents had been shot dead exiting an opera house in an apparent mugging, just days before the German scientists discovered my true identity. Oh well. Deemed unfit for society even after extensive treatment I was assigned to a foster family of spiders which probably explains why I became a web developer.

About this site

I originally wrote this thing in 2020 after getting excited about a cool website-building framework. There wasn’t really a plan for it and I didn’t even end up launching it. Three years later I decided to dust it off and shove it out the door. I had D&D stories to write down before I’d forget them forever. And now you can read them too!