Minis: Montgomery

Posted on Apr 19, 2024 in Role-Playing Games.
Part of a series called Miniatures.

Here’s the mini I painted of Montgomery from Veil of Whispers.

Monty the mail owl.
Message for you, sir!

In Veil of Whispers, Monty was taller and had wings and all that. But finding a miniature of a mail owl was hard enough. Painted very quickly and with no special techniques since I wanted him done before the next session. Still think the colors on the wings turned out surprisingly well.

Monty again.

This guy was a $2 STL file from somewhere on the internet. Findus’ player was kind enough to 3D-print miniatures for us. You can see the layers from the printing here, but you pretty much can’t in real life unless you scrutinize him under strong lighting. I managed to break off his arm twice but saved it with super glue.

Monty again, again.

I thought the blue rim on the base complimented his hat nicely. The grass is a mix of tufts and static grass. I used a brush to make it stand up a bit more before the glue dried. Much cheaper than an applicator, that’s for sure.

Part of a series called Miniatures.

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