In Role-Playing Games.

I like to paint miniatures. Even though it can take a lot of time, effort, back pain, and eye strain, the result always makes it worth it. I could never paint an entire group of them, the way Warhammer players paint dozens of identical little space fascists. I don’t have anywhere near that kind of discipline or dedication or whatever it is that they have. When I finish painting a miniature, I always think to myself that it’ll be a long time before I paint another one. And then, a few months later or so, I’ll come across another miniature—one that I just have to paint. One that will fit right into the adventure I’m running or planning, one that lets me experiment with exciting color schemes and painting techniques. And so, the cycle begins anew.

Here you can follow my painting journey and feast your eyeballs upon the sloppily sprinkled strokes of paint that I’ve put down on some minis that probably deserve better. You don’t have to be good at things to enjoy them, after all.

Minis: Goblins

The first miniatures I ever painted were a group of four goblins I bought to practice the basics.

Minis: Cthulhu

Finished with my practice goblins, I was ready to take on something new and awesome.

Minis: Ogre

I got a free ogre with my order when I bought some minis. Then I painted him.

Minis: Chuck

Say hello to Chuck!

Minis: Wizard

Someday, I’m gonna play this guy.

Minis: Red Dragon

Sooner or later we all have to paint a dragon. It’s a rite of passage of sorts.

Minis: Montgomery

Here’s the mini I painted of Montgomery from Veil of Whispers.

Minis: Beholder

Another classic D&D monster that I couldn’t not paint.

Minis: Somebody

I suppose this is a very strange miniature to get excited about, but boy did it excite me.