The World Rune

In Tales from the Table.

The World Rune was a D&D 5e campaign that I ran between December 2022 and November 2023. Beginning with a noir-style murder mystery in a steampunk city, the story quickly became one of world-shattering events. Traversing the continent by airship, the heroes found themselves racing against the clock to save the fabric of reality from being torn apart. The final part of the campaign even launched off into space and became a spelljammer adventure. All in all, it had just about everything an epic, almost year-long campaign should.

A Dragon Flew Away With the Tavern or: How To Start a Campaign

The party met in a tavern. You won’t believe what happened next! Although it’s right there in the title.

The Story of My Favorite Trap

Traps are a classic element of D&D. You walk down a dark dungeon hallway and hear a click as you step on a hidden pressure plate. You only have a moment to react. Will a poison arrow launch at you from a hole in the wall? Will a boulder drop from a hatch in the ceiling? In The World Rune I created something far worse.

The Only Time the Party Ran Away

I decided to throw some horror in the players’ direction. It was nice.