Veil of Whispers

In Tales from the Table.

A D&D campaign about rescuing a kidnapped princess. Started in January 2024—a new year with new players, new adventures, and new opportunities to wreak havoc and terrify the townspeople. And this time I got to be a player!

This campaign was run by Gustav, who promised it would be short, and that it wasn’t going to be a joke campaign. He lied on both counts. After the princess quest, which the adventure was initially supposed to end with, it sort of turned into Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Veil of Whispers 1: The Princess and the Cheese

A brand spanking new campaign, the first session of which was spent creating characters who would go on to fight evil and consume cheese.

Veil of Whispers 2: There's a Cow Somewhere in My Family Tree

In which we continue to do everything but save the princess.

Veil of Whispers 3: Caves & Kobolds

The gang crawls their first dungeon. Montgomery feels the need for speed.

Veil of Whispers 4: Attack of the 50 Foot Cow

The party’s procrastination problem continues as they reach Duskridge. A bovine of unusual size appears.

Veil of Whispers 5: I Can't Believe Your Adventurer Licenses Haven't Been Revoked

Nessie finds her long-lost father. Rosa threatens people.

Veil of Whispers 6: Child of a Messy Divorce

The group rescues the princess at last. Montgomery narrowly escapes death. Others don’t.

Veil of Whispers 7: Enough Grease Already

In which our so-called heroes complete their so-called noble quest.

Veil of Whispers 8: Army of Darkness

The party investigates yet another kidnapping and uncovers a great threat. They also launch themselves from a catapult.

Veil of Whispers 9: Giant Spiders with Chainsaws for Legs

The party hunts for phylacteries. It does not go well.

Veil of Whispers 10: Tomb of the Necromancer

Twenty years later, not much has changed.

Veil of Whispers 11: Behold My Broken Build

The beholder gets what’s coming to him.

Veil of Whispers 12: An Unexpected Finale

The curse of high-level encounter balance rears its ugly head.