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The Astral Scroll 4: The Nice Part of the Journey

A city, strange mines, a desert, and a cliff.

The Astral Scroll 3: Brewery Heist

Heists never go as planned.

The Astral Scroll 2: Spiders & Sleuthing

Running all over town, looking for clues.

The Astral Scroll 1: False Leads and New Companions

Session zero: rules, character creation and a gentle start.

Veil of Whispers 12: An Unexpected Finale

The curse of high-level encounter balance rears its ugly head.

Veil of Whispers 11: Behold My Broken Build

The beholder gets what’s coming to him.

Veil of Whispers 10: Tomb of the Necromancer

Twenty years later, not much has changed.

Veil of Whispers 9: Giant Spiders with Chainsaws for Legs

The party hunts for phylacteries. It does not go well.

Veil of Whispers 8: Army of Darkness

The party investigates yet another kidnapping and uncovers a great threat. They also launch themselves from a catapult.

Veil of Whispers 7: Enough Grease Already

In which our so-called heroes complete their so-called noble quest.

Veil of Whispers 6: Child of a Messy Divorce

The group rescues the princess at last. Montgomery narrowly escapes death. Others don’t.

Veil of Whispers 5: I Can't Believe Your Adventurer Licenses Haven't Been Revoked

Nessie finds her long-lost father. Rosa threatens people.

Veil of Whispers 4: Attack of the 50 Foot Cow

The party’s procrastination problem continues as they reach Duskridge. A bovine of unusual size appears.

Veil of Whispers 3: Caves & Kobolds

The gang crawls their first dungeon. Montgomery feels the need for speed.

Veil of Whispers 2: There's a Cow Somewhere in My Family Tree

In which we continue to do everything but save the princess.

Veil of Whispers 1: The Princess and the Cheese

A brand spanking new campaign, the first session of which was spent creating characters who would go on to fight evil and consume cheese.